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    CAD Pattern & Grading Accelerator for Garment Professionals

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Make it at Sewing Incubator

Launch or grow your apparel or sewn product business as you help us support 10 000 local jobs in 2021

Join the growing number of entrepreneurs who have decided to Make it at Sewing Incubator:

  • Entrepreneurs without industry knowledge who are launching proprietary products for the 1st time
  • Small Business selling direct to consumer Made in the USA clothing or other specialty sewn product
  • Sewing Manufacture Professionals ready to invest in accessible training and CAD-CAM System


How to get started with Sewing Incubator

Start with the Sewing Incubator advantage by choosing 1 from 3 descriptions that best fits your unique business model

Product Accelerator

  • Designed for entrepreneurs launching a product for the 1st time
  • Sewing Incubator will guide you and prepare a strategy to avoid costly mistakes
  • Sewing Incubator may source production fabric and trim as part of 1st Development
  • Sample Development
  • Pre Production
  • Manufacture

Project Based

  • Best for small businesses that have manufactured in the USA
  • Online access to proprietary Project Management dashboard
  • You may have already sourced your production fabric and trim
  • Sample Development
  • Pre Production
  • Manufacture

CAD Accelerator

  • Designed for freelance designers, pattern makers, graders or marker drafters who have had basic training
  • Start working on CAD and generate income as you learn
  • Paper Pattern Digitizing
  • Pro CAD Toolbox includes CAD software
  • CAD Pattern Making
  • CAD Marker & Grading