DIY Tools used by Sewing Incubator

We encourage everyone to take the initiative to become familiarized with the Fashion Design and Development process

While we understand that the DIY approach can only get you so far in growing a Fashion line or sewn product, the recommendations we make are based on the assumption that you won't have a background in the apparel manufacture industry

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Pattern Making Budget Premium Tool Kits

Pattern Making Premium Kit 1

Patternmaking Ruler Set 1

Pattern Making Premium Kit 2

Patternmaking Ruler Set 2

Pattern Making Premium Kit 3

Patternmaking Ruler Set 3

Pattern Making Budget Plastic Tools

Pattern Making Budget Kit 1

Patternmaking Plastic Ruler Set 1

Pattern Making Budget Kit 2

Patternmaking Plastic Ruler Set 2

Pattern Making Budget Kit 3

Patternmaking Plastic Ruler Set 3

Pattern Making Tools

Pattern Making Shears

Patternmaking Cutting Shears Professional

Pattern Making Tool Kit

Patternmaking Notcher + Wheel + Awl

Tailor's Chalk Set

Patternmaking tailor's chalk variety set

Pattern Making Paper & Tools

Pattern Making Paper

Patternmaking Paper Alphanumeric

Pattern Making Oaktag

Patternmaking Paper Oaktag Manila

Pattern Making Hole Punch

Patternmaking Hole Puncher for Patterns

Paper Pattern Hanging Hook

Patternmaking Paper Pattern Hanging Hooks

Technical Design Tools

Female Flat

Female Flat Sketch Guide

Male Flat

Male Flat Sketch Guide

Fashion Flat

Neckline Guide for Flat Sketch


Mechanical Pencil Set


Mechanical Pencil Sharpener

Dust Brush

Table Dusting Brush Set